Infrared radiation is the band of radiation that has wavelengths just longer than visible light. Near-infrared is “near” the visible band and is reflected by healthy vegetation and absorbed by water.

Visible light has a wavelength of about 400 nanometers (nm) to 700nm. Our near-infrared cameras can capture wavelengths of 700nm to 850nm. This band is the near-infrared or “red edge” of the infrared band.

We can produce 2 types of near-infrared images

  • Monochrome Near-Infrared Imagery. Black and white images that will show near-infrared radiation as light or white.
  • Color-Infrared Imagery. Color images that render all the near-infrared radiation as red. This is a process that duplicates color-infrared film.

Focal Flight uses near-infrared cameras by Cirrus Digital Systems.