Aerial Abstractions: Nature, Art or Dr. Suess?

When shooting vertical aerial photography, we usually are mapping large areas or documenting the status of a property. Frequently we just fly along and have the camera automatically fire and record the images. We only see the what was shot during the post processing of the images. Every once in a while I see something unique and artistic amongst those images. Here are some images we shot over Soda Lake, California on the Carrizo Plain.

When viewing these, I first thought of Dr. Suess characters, but they could also replace the ink spots in the psychiatrist’s office (or at least the spots I saw last time I was there).

Soda-Lake-AbstractAbout to take a bite?

Soda-Lake-Californaia-VerticalSome sort of rodent?

Soda-Lake-HenWild turkey?


David Byrne, October 28, 2015