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Aerial images make properties, property profiles and listings really stand out. Focal Flight combines fast turnaround times, experience shooting area real estate and shooting properties specifically for realtor residential and commercial client marketing.

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Real Estate Marketing Packages

You will receive not only the property photos but also the surroundings including nearby transportation, retail and residential areas.

Note: Focal Flight’s standard packages include the full-size image files and an online gallery for image viewing. For no additional cost, you can also request a set of reduced size image files optimized for web viewing!

We offer residential and commercial property aerial photography packages.

Basic Commercial Real Estate Marketing Package

This package includes:

  • 4 images from 4 cardinal directions with the entire property in each image
  • At least 4 close-up images showing the façade of the primary structure
  • Any other close up images desired showing property features
  • Multiple images showing the subject property’s proximity to the following:
  • Roads and freeway access
  • Surrounding residential
  • Surrounding retail
  • Other transportation such as airports and railroad tracks
  • Parking lots
  • Local infrastructure and easements
  • A vertical (map-like) image of the entire property for properties up to 250 acres. (Additional charges apply for larger properties.)

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Custom Real Estate Shoot

The basic packages fit most needs but if you need a bit more for your marketing plan, like maybe a single “glamour” shot of a house, we will tailor the shoot for you.

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Other Information


The prices listed above are for shooting a given property at one time of day. We will shoot it at a time of day so the lighting is optimal for the façade or primary side of the property. When this is done, other angles of the property will be side or back lit. If optimal lighting (sun angles) is desired for opposite sides of a given property, we will shoot it twice.


Our real estate marketing photography is offered under a commercial photography license, used for marketing and can be viewed online by anyone or distributed in print form as marketing material.

Images are not to be sold or distributed to any third parties. If there is any interest in the imagery from a third party, please refer them to Focal Flight.


Prints of the property can be ordered through the online image gallery provided with each shoot. Prints can also be made from the provided image files as long as they are not for resale.


  • Discounts available for multiple properties ordered at the same time.
  • Graphic services are available for an additional charge.

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