Construction Site Photography

Focal Flight’s construction site photography service offers scheduled and custom aerial photography of construction sites throughout all of Southern California. Used by banks, contractors, project managers, investors and advertisers our photos offer a 360 degree perspective of constructions sites from survey through completion.
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Mapping and GIS (Geographic Information Services)

We provide a full range of mapping and photogrammetry services.
• Orthophotos
• Digital Elevation Models (DEM)
• Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
• Contour Maps, CAD Drawing
• Volume Measurements
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Real Estate Marketing

Whether marketing an individual house or a large commercial property, aerial imagery makes listings and property profiles stand out above the others. We have experience shooting properties specifically for marketing. We show off the property as well as the surroundings transportation, retail and residential areas.
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Disaster Documentation

Disasters such as earthquakes, fires and floods can be photographed, processed and delivered within 24 hours. This can be done in both natural color and color infrared.
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Air-to-Air Photography

We can apply any of our capabilities photographing other aircraft including vertical, straight down views. This type of photography can be used to show off the aircraft or for an inflight portrait of the pilot.
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Custom Aerial Photography

We can tailor any project using any or all of our capabilities to specifically what is needed. This can include a combination of vertical, oblique, near infrared imagery. We also offer a full range of post processing services from digital imagery to prints and wall murals.
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